Week 4 Day 5 - It is Finished

December 30, 2016


Read: John 19:28-30 


There is a lot of excitement around the Christmas season. We experience parties and dinners, decorations and traditions, surprises and gifts. There is lots of time spent shopping and wrapping. The kitchen is made messy and cleaned while cooking and baking. You string lights and decorate trees. After all the busy excitement settles, there is this little part of us that just releases a sigh of relief and says “it is over.” 


In this passage, Jesus cries out “it is finished” as He gave up His life on the cross. The original language translated into that English phrase was a phrase that communicate that a debt has been paid in full. The payment of our sin was paid in full by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. When He declared “it is finished,” it became a relief of the consequences we owe for our sins. There is nothing that we can do to fulfill the consequences of our sin. Only Jesus was able to pay that price. Now each of us have the choice to accept this as a gift of salvation for our life, or reject it. The choice is yours. 




Describe your favorite part of the Christmas celebrations. 


What feelings did you have when you have paid off a debt you owed someone? 


How can you worship Jesus today in response to Him paying the consequences of your sin? 




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