Week 4 Day 1 - Humble Heart

December 26, 2016



Read: Hebrews 2:9 


Sometimes in order to be the best teacher possible, an instructor has to put himself or herself in the place of the students. Many people think that was Michael Jordan’s thinking when he went from wearing high-priced suits and sitting in the company suite to a change in uniform. He traded his sport coat and loafers for basketball shoes and a tank top with “Wizards” and number 23 across the front and back. We often admire a person that is willing to do that - the boss who puts on a tool belt and gets in there to drive nails, the principle that teaches a class every once in a while, or the manager that occasionally works the register. None of these changes in uniform can even come close to the ultimate uniform change ever — when Jesus put aside his majestic heavenly robes and put human skin on. In verse 9 it says “Him who was made for a little while lower than the angels …” Think of what this means. The God of the universe was born a helpless baby, lived in poverty, grew up facing the same kinds of difficulties all kids face, learned a trade, was hungry and tired, put up with siblings and listened to criticism. He became one of us and then he died the most painful death for us — that is how much He loved us! 




Who in your life have you seen set aside their power in a position they have to relate to others around them? 


Why do you think God had to take on human flesh to carry out His plan of redemption of man? 


Have does thinking about what God gave up for you motivate you to live life? 





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