Week 3 Day 4 - Stinky Jobs

December 22, 2016






Read: John 13:1-17 


Is there a job at home or school (or an aspect of your work) that you really don’t like doing? Maybe it’s picking up trash or walking the dog or mopping the floor or cleaning the shower . . . or toilet. How would you feel about having to wash the feet of everyone in your family . . . or of all your friends? That seems like a job we would want to pass on. I mean, I’m sure none of us would mind someone doing it for us, we just don’t want to do it for them. Washing feet (especially the feet of a guest at your house) was something that happened in homes regularly during Bible times because of the dusty roads and the fact that everyone wore sandals. It was the job given to the lowest servant – certainly not a job for Creator of the universe, right? 


Wrong. Jesus had taught his disciples so many things over the past 3 years that they’d spent together, but He still had an important lesson for them (one that involved more than just words) in the final days before His crucifixion. He came to Earth to be a servant and He showed them (and us) exactly what that looked like. He was willing to serve His disciples (including His betrayer) with a humble heart and we should be just as willing to do the same. When we are able to get our focus off of simply pleasing ourselves (or the “what’s in it for me?” attitude) and onto others, we have the heart of a servant . . . and the heart of Jesus. You may not be noticed — or even thanked — here on Earth, but God knows and He will reward you someday. 




What do you think Jesus wanted to teach His followers? 


Why is it sometimes hard to serve others with a humble heart? 


Read Galatians 6:10. Who is someone you can serve? 



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