Week 3 Day 3 - Service over Selfishness

December 21, 2016





Read: 2 Corinthians 8:9 


Do you know someone who is constantly borrowing things from other people? Well, Jesus was one of those guys. Because of his choice to become poor for our sake, he borrowed food, clothing, a coin to give an illustration, a donkey to enter Jerusalem, and he finally had to borrow a tomb in which to be laid in. On one occasion the disciples went to their homes and Jesus made his way to the Mount of Olives. He had no home to lay his head. In his grace and mercy Jesus left his riches in heaven and became fully human so that you and I could become rich through Christ. Not just rich materially but rich spiritually as well. Jesus wants us to enjoy an abundant life filled with peace, purpose, and joy. Our life in Christ is not something we just keep to ourselves He is calling us to share it with others. Imagine how lost and hopeless it can be without Christ in your life. 




Who will you share this amazing story with this week? 


How can you share the richness of Christ with others? 



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