Week 3 Day 1- Service over Selfishness

December 19, 2016




Read: Mark 10:45 


A person who has a desire to serve in our current culture is a dying breed. We are bombarded by promotions that hold forth being served as the ultimate experience. But to be a servant in the pure sense is to put others needs above your own...to be selfless. In this "winner takes all " culture this selfless virtue would be non-existent, except for the example of Christ. Some 2000 years after His death Jesus is still shattering society's established norms. 

I had a mentor once who challenged me with a statement he made. We were talking about what was going on in our lives and I was sharing some things that were going wrong in my life. I was being pretty self-centered and negative. 

He said " a man never becomes a godly man until he learns to live for others. He then changed the subject to something lighter but that statement was not lost. I did not get what he was saying right away but I did later, as God reminded me. Christ set that example, He not only lived for others but died for others. Not only that but the ransom for our sin was paid. 


In light of this we may want to ask ourselves a few questions: If we were tried in court, would there be enough evidence to convict us of living for others? Here lies the next step of spiritual growth! 




What is the "next step" that you could take this week to imitate the servant’s heart of Christ to someone in your life? 



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