Week 2 Day 5 - Christmas Star

December 16, 2016


Read: Matthew 2:1-12 


Maybe God had put a seed of expectation in the hearts of these wise men — a hope that a mighty ruler would be born in their lifetime. Then one night while looking in the sky, they saw a light that was brighter than any other star they had ever seen. They realized that it was the sign they had been waiting for, the sign of the Mighty King. Then the star started moving across the sky, and by faith or curiosity they followed it, trusting that it would lead them to the newborn King. They would seek this great king who was worthy of their honor. 


They came to Jerusalem, since that is where they expected to find a newborn King of the Jews. But now the star, which seems to have disappeared for a while, now reappears and “went ahead of them.” The star that inspired their trip in the first place now leads them directly to the very home where the Christ-child lives. 


The wise men could be called seekers, as they sought out this potential king that had been born. God used the light of the Christmas star to bring them to Jesus. People still are seeking in life today. We seek to find happiness, peace, fulfillment, purpose, and joy in a lot of different things. Ultimately all that we seek is found in Jesus. 



What are some things that people try to find fulfillment and happiness in? 

The wise men wanted to be in the presence of this King Jesus, how do you practically try to be in His presence on a personal basis? 




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