Week 2 Day 4 - Walking in the Light

December 15, 2016


Read: John 12:35-36 


Consider all the many things light is used for. Light provides us with safety. Imagine driving at night without the usage of our headlights. Light exposes things hidden in the dark. My big toe can definitely attest to this fact! Light represents the promise of a new day. Light allows for growth and warmth. Light provides life. Indeed it is safe to say that we need light. 


Throughout the gospels, Jesus is described and is given many titles: Immanuel, Lord, Savior, servant, King of kings, the Lion of Judah, all amazing titles and descriptions of the Son of God. In John's gospel, He is described as the Light of men. This is one of my favorite titles given to our Savior, because it perfectly describes who Jesus is and why He came to us in the first place. Jesus came to be our Light. He came to shed light about our true condition. The fact that without Jesus, we live in the darkness of sin. Remember light exposes darkness. This is exactly what Jesus came to do and this is why so many rejected Him. No one likes to be exposed for who they truly are. But without this light revealing the true condition of our hearts we wouldn't see that we are in desperate need of a Savior. 

As believers in Jesus, we have the Light inside of us. Even in the midst of dark or confusing times, we know that we stand secure and safe in the Light of Christ, that He is there to protect us, to grow us in Him, and we also know that in Him there is always the promise of tomorrow. 



How can we "walk in the Light of Christ" in the midst of a dark world? 

How does the Word of God relate to walking in the Light? Psalm 119:105. 




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