Week 2 Day 2 - Light of the World

December 13, 2016



Read: John 8:12 


For most of us in America, light is just a way of life. We flip the switch and a light comes on. In other parts of the world there is no ready electricity. They have to light a match to light a candle, fill a lantern with oil, or even just light a fire. For them light is more than just a way to see. It is protection from predators, a way to cook meals, to read by, to see around them in a place that is dark. For us, we take light for granted. So the question is, if Jesus is the “light of the world,” do we take him for granted too? When we truly live by the light of Jesus, we can walk in a dark world. We are protected from the enemy, and we can read His Word through His Spirit. Today take some time and reflect on just how much you really depend on and trust His Light. 



How are you turning on Jesus in your life? Are you reading the Word daily, spending time in prayer, etc?

How strong are these spiritual disciplines in your life? 

We live in a dark world so how do we keep from getting swallowed up by it’s darkness? 




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