Week 1 Day 5 - God's Hand

December 9, 2016

Read:  Isaiah 9:6 


We all have a battle that takes place in our minds trying to understand the magnificence of our God. To the degree that we are "in His word", we are able to grasp His hand, not only in our own lives, but human history. When we read Isaiah 9:6, we sense an eternal plan, a divine  design… God’s hand. Almost 800 years before the birth of Christ, Isaiah was given this message of what was to come...evidence of God’s  sovereignty...His love ...His presence...His plan. 

Jesus was born to be a child and a Son of the Most High. He was born to be a Wonderful Counselor to us, giving us guidance. He was born to be a Mighty God who works in our lives; Everlasting Father who is  unchanging, unlike so many things in our lives; Prince of Peace in a world where there is no peace. These verses can just be a section of scripture to you or you can take some time and work them through in your life. A believer’s life can be fulfilling to the degree that we are  dependent on our "Mighty God". 



How can you depend upon Jesus every day based upon His names in this passage?




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