Week 1 Day 4 - Surprise

December 8, 2016

Read:  Luke 1:26-33 


I don’t know where Mary was when the angel Gabriel was sent to visit her, but I do know she sure was surprised when he showed up.  And Gabriel’s appearance wasn’t the biggest surprise she was in for that day!  Gabriel’s first statement to her was basically, “Hi, lady who is very blessed and favored and full of grace!  God is with you.”  I love Mary’s (very normal, confused, possibly awkward) response because the Bible says she was “perplexed” and that she was trying to figure out what in the world the angel was talking about.  I can just see Mary  looking around the room and then back at Gabriel like, “Are you  talking to me or is there some other lady in here . . . who is ‘very blessed and favored and full of grace’?” 

Then she’s hit with the BIG surprise – “You’re going to be a mom.  And not just any mom, but the mom of the Savior that God promised.”  It’s quite a list of attributes that Gabriel gives to Mary to describe Jesus but the one to focus on here is “Son of the Most High.”  Gabriel is letting Mary know (and us know) that not only was the Savior coming (her Savior/our Savior) but that He would be the Son of God - He would be the Most High God.  He came to be God with Mary . . . and with us. 



What are some things you heard Gabriel say about Jesus?


Has God ever asked you to do something that felt impossible? What was your attitude about it? If He hasn’t, what would (or should) your response be?




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