Parent Resources

Children are a blessing from the Lord, but as all parents know, they do not come with an instruction manual.  We believe parents should be the primary spiritual instructors in their children's lives and we want to assist you in any way possible. Obviously, the greatest resource available to parents is God's Word, but in addition to that and in an effort to help, come alongside, and equip parents in their God-given responsibility, we've compiled this list of resources from which to glean:

  • Holy Bible - God

  • Parenting Isn't for Cowards -  Dr. James Dobson

  • The Strong-Willed Child - Dr. James Dobson

  • Bringing Up Boys - Dr. James Dobson

  • Bringing Up Girls - Dr. James Dobson

  • Dare to Discipline - Dr. James Dobson

  • Safe in the Arms of Jesus - John MacArthur

  • What the Bible Says About Parenting - John MacArthur